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sincerity raine parker
Dahlia Parker was a good girl from Valdosta, Georgia, just looking for a good time when she stumbled upon a drunk biker. Like her, he was lookign for a good time and it didn't take long for the two to hook up. Three days of never-ending partying gave free spirited Dahlia some amazing memories, but two months later, she was left with another reminder of that time. She was pregnant and her deeply religious parents were pissed. Since abortion was out, Murphy Parker went into damage control mode. His grandchild wasn't going to born out of wedlock. Not if he could help it.

Four months into her pregnancy, Dahlia walked down the aisle and became Mrs. Colton Graves. He was a boy that had always been around, but Dahlia had never really given him the time of day. He was thrilled to be finally marrying the young mother-to-be, and didn't care that she was having a baby by someone else. But when she finally went into labor, finally giving birth on September 20, 194; Colton was a little too excited by the birth of a baby girl. There was some back and forth on the name, but Dahlia decided that no one else was going to name her child. She went as free-spirited as possible, christening the girl Sincerity Raine. She was given her new adoptive father's last name and Colton forged the birth certificate.

Sincerity was a happy and alert baby, despite her family circumstances. Dahlia loved being a mother, but she was in no hurry to add to the family. Colton was agreeable, at first. He went along with whatever his new wife wanted, but as Sincerity grew older, he started to become anxious. Everyone in the investment firm he worked at had children of their own, but he was never quite able to look at Sincerity as his full-blooded daughter. There was a gap that couldn't be bridged. Sincerity saw him as her father, knowing no differently until she was five years old.

Dahlia had to stay with her parents one night, leaving Colton alone with Sincerity. Everything was fine at first, her schedule not deviating from what her mother normally did with the young girl. But there were small differences when it came time for bed. Colton was a little too helpful with putting on her nightgown, and his caresses lingered a little too long. She didn't make much of it, but two weeks later, things grew a little worse.

For the next three years, the vivacious and happy child turned inward. Sincerity didn't like being alone with her stepfather, but it was unavoidable. She didn't know what else to do, since Colton kept whispering in her ear that no one would ever believe a word she said. Various threats were made over the years, and the abuse continued. Until Sincerity turned fifteen and met her mother's sister for the very first time.

Gretchen Parker was a lot like her sister. Both were free-spirits, but Gretchen had etched out a completely different life for herself. She was living in Las Vegas, Nevada, and had become sweetbutt to a local motorcycle club, the Brotherhood of Sin. While their parents frowned on the way she lived her life, Dahlia couldn't deny that she idolized her sister. Gretchen was doing everything Dahlia couldn't, but she suspected that something was going on in her home. Gretchen threatened Colton, but he just smirked. He was so confident that no one would say a word. But when Gretchen got confirmation from Sincerity, she proved him wrong.

Shortly after Dahlia learned that her daughter was being molested, she was also diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis wasn't good, given that it was in her uterus. Sincerity was devestated by the news and took care of her mother as much as she could. Six months after learning, Dahlia died. It shook the entire family, but Colton felt that this was his reward for marrying Dahlia in the first place. He expected to have custody of Dahlia's daughter, but when they found Dahlia's will, everyone was in for a shock.

Sincerity was excited to be moving to Las Vegas, with her aunt. While they had barely known one another, they got along insanely well. She saw her mother in her aunt and was thrilled to be far away from her treacherous stepfather. She also learned, during that time, that Colton was not biologically bound to her. She asked to have her name changed and Gretchen agreed. At the age of seventeen, Sincerity Raine Graves became Sincerity Raine Parker.

The damage had been done and when Sincerity turned eighteen, she started to follow in her aunt's footsteps. She took jobs where she could get them and ended up dancing at The Rear End. Gretchen didn't mind it at first. Sincerity was good at her job and she was a successful draw. Men and women both wanted to be with her. She thrived on the fantasy she could concoct while dancing. It was intoxicating and sometimes led to trouble, once she came off stage. But she knew the rules of the Rear End and never crossed them. No one was worth her job, in Sincerity's eyes.

Despite the unpredictability of her job, Sincerity managed to find a small niche for herself. She didn't think about her mother, and her stepfather had never existed. It was harmful when it came to relationships - none of them lasted very long. But it seemed to suit Sincerity, who had finally gotten to the point in her life where she didn't have to answer to anyone. She'd fallen in with the Brotherhood of Sin, as a sweetbutt. That was another title she didn't mind, but during a chance encounter at a club party, a patch changed things considerably for Sincerity. She had to step back from the stage and worried what she was going to do. She'd gotten pregnant and needed to prepare for her unborn child. Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, the owner came to her. He'd watched her grow over the years and knew that she was smart enough to make a name for herself. He was looking to retire and offered to let her buy in to the business. It would get her off the stage and in a more respectable position. She also asked to be released from her sweetbutt status, surprised when she was still looked at as someone to be protected from the club. That was probably due to her best friend, Cain Stone. They were an unlikely pair that had crossed the line a few times, early on, before deciding that they were better as friends. He took over half of the Rear End and together, they became owners of the lucrative strip club. He supported her when she gave birth to a little boy, Brantley James Parker, on April 30, 2014.

As a new mother, Sincerity had some trouble. Her body adjusted badly to life after baby, but she adored her son. She loved being a mother and fought hard to split her time evenly between him and the club. The backstage area became a little more family friendly and the employees quickly got used to seeing Brantley around with his mom. Sincerity and Cain worked together well, but when he ran into some trouble of his own, she didn't hesitate in taking on his share. He needed the time to take care of his family, but she was relieved when he came home. She didn't even bat an eyelash when he showed up with his little girl, Sophia. The habit of mothering her just as she did with Brantley felt almost like second nature, but she was quick to remind herself that she wasn't actually her parent too. Cain and his daughter stayed with Sincerity and Brantley for a couple months, while he got back into the swing of things at the club and found a place to raise his daughter. She's proud of how he's stepped up, and is starting to become a little proud of herself too. Even though, most days, she wonders how in the hell she got to this point.

full name sincerity raine parker nickname(s) sin, cery birth date & age september 20th, 1984 & 34 residence las vegas, nevada relationship status single occupation owner of the rear end
family & facts BIRTH FATHER Unknown (mia.) BIRTH MOTHER Dahlia Parker (homemaker; deceased.) ADOPTED FATHER Colton Graves (cardiologist; estranged.) CHILDREN Brantley Parker Dixon (son, b. 04.30.14)
• loves to read and is very rarely seen without a book.
• hates when she sees people talk on their cell phones and drive. it annoys her to no end so she always leaves her phone in her purse when driving.
• never thought about having a family or being in a serious relationship. she now credits her son for settling her down and getting her on track.
• had no idea what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. but after the birth of her son, she buckled down and went into the management side of the stripping business.
• has been known to find women attractive. she's crossed the line a few times, but she doesn't label herself sexually.
• is slightly obsessed with pizza and uses that as her comfort food. showing up with a pizza is usually the only way to get back into her good graces, once she's been pissed off.
• does not talk about the abuse she suffered while living with her parents. she credits her uncle with saving her life, even though they still have never spoken about that particular christmas.

appearance tidbits HEIGHT -5'6" BUILD -Petite/Athletic EYE COLOR -Blue HAIR COLOR -Brown PIERCING(S) -Two in each ear, tongue. TATTOO(S) -None. DISTINGUISHING MARKS -Scar along back ankle from tripping in thorn bushes; pellet scar on back of neck from being shot with a bb gun. WARDROBE -Practically lives in jeans and whatever tops she finds to be cute. Most often layers tank tops and sweaters with tall boots and jeans in the winter. In the summer, she lives in sundresses, cowboy boots, and flip flops. Favorite article in her closet are her Chuck Taylors.